Stakeholder Engagement

Open has a proven track record of ensuring our clients build successful relationships with stakeholders. From consultation to delivery, we help identify the most relevant parties and ensure your message is conveyed accurately and effectively.

Our focus is on ensuring awareness and buy-in. For new investors, existing neighbours, local employers, businesses and organisations who need to communicate new projects, plans or issues, it’s essential to bring people with you. From direct political engagement to public awareness, we will hone your message and make sure it gets through to the audience you need.

How do we approach Stakeholder engagement?

  • Identify and segment key audiences
    Knowing your audience relative to your objectives is critical. Before engagement, we will research and map your audience to ensure we target the most relevant parties.
  • Develop messaging for key audiences
    One message does not fit all. As such, for each identified audience class we will develop bespoke messaging that addresses their primary concerns and outlines the key benefits most relevant to them. We will cut through any noise to provide them with our key information to help serve as a guide as they form opinions and make decisions.
  • Engagement Planning
    What works for one audience may not work for another. As such, we will break down each segment and assess the best approach to engage with them in a way that works for them. From public events to one-on-one political engagement, we maximise impact and value tailored to your objectives.
  • Implement and facilitate engagement 
    We will be there at every stage of engagement to ensure a consistent and professional story is told. We will arrange political meetings, public consultation events, stakeholder roundtables, whatever is required. We know how to organise and run events efficiently and effectively.
  • Sentiment Tracking and Monitoring
    Providing your stakeholders with the information is one thing, following up to ensure they have understood and had an opportunity to ask questions is another. Further, once they have all the detail they need, how do they then feel about your proposal or project? We will track this over time to see how sentiment has evolved, using this to inform our next steps or further interventions if required. We will be with you from beginning to end to make sure your impact is maximised and your voice is heard.

We assist with engagement at every step of the process. For us, stakeholder engagement is an ongoing process, we will continually monitor as your campaign evolves to ensure we track new developments and shifting sentiments over time. We will make sure you are kept abreast of relevant developments and we will be ready to advise and act to keep your objectives on track.

If you want to discuss your needs and see where we can add value, just contact us…