PR & Media Relations

We know how to deliver effective Public and Media Relations. We know how to add value when it matters to maximise awareness that can enhance and protect your reputation and organisation.

Our integrated, results-focused approach works across all media platforms. We combine traditional and digital best-practices to ensure we meet your audience where they are. We take your story to them and tell it in compelling and creative ways.

With so much cross-media noise and an unyielding 24/7 news cycle, it takes experience and expertise, sound judgement and strategic insight to ensure your voice is heard.

That is where we come in.

We have a news-focused team that can ensure your voice is heard.

We offer:

  • Strategic Counsel
    We are open and honest, we will use all available information and combine it with our insights to appraise and inform clients of likely scenarios and objections. From there, we will collaboratively develop a strategy to move forward and optimise outcomes against set objectives.
  • Media Strategy
    We develop a comprehensive strategy and we execute it. We make sure we hit all key strategic touchpoints and account for potential variations in our planning.
  • Audience research
    Who is your audience? Or, who should be your audience? We will develop profiles against your objectives to ensure we target the right people, at the right time, on the right platform.
  • B2B & B2C communications
    Different audiences often require a different message in a different place. We tailor the message to the profiles we help develop for you. This ensures that we choose the right medium for your communications efforts. We won’t just find an audience, we’ll find your audience.
  • Press Office Management
    We can provide a press office function that knows the media inside and out. Our team can serve as an extension of your brand, whether it be for single events or an ongoing service. We will seamlessly integrate into your business for unrivalled support.
  • Digital communications
    Every forward-looking company should be embracing digital platforms and content. Whilst digital evolves at breakneck speed, we keep abreast of digital developments so you don’t have to. Our expertise can make your brand perform like a digital native to help reach new, relevant audiences across the digital sphere. However, we are always honest and open, so if, for any reason, we don’t think a blistering digital campaign fits your brand at this time, we will tell you and help develop a strategy that works best for your business, not ours.
  • Media Monitoring & Evaluation
    We know the media, as we are immersed in it every single day. We monitor not just clients, but sectors, political developments, social media and more to ensure we know not just what is happening, but what may be coming around the corner that could have an unexpected impact on your brand
  • Campaign Planning
    Have a campaign you want to run and wonder how best to implement? We can help! We will work with you to develop a campaign that sells your key messages and ensures your objectives remain paramount. We plan campaigns daily so, even at short notice, we can make sure your campaign hits the ground running.
  • Event Management
    Events are an integral part of Public Relations, and whilst 2020 may have impacted this space hard, it has led to new creativity. We have ran a range of events in recent times and can advise you on how best to navigate the new normal and adhere to health guidance. We have facilitated full events online with hundreds of attendees and a full production facility to make it a broadcast-quality livestreaming event, complete with remote contributors. We’ve learnt a lot! So if you need to organise an event, talk to us first.
  • Media Training
    Media Training is our speciality. With our staff experience having included politics and broadcasting, we can ensure you put your best foot forward and communicate your message confidently to any media audience.

If you want to discuss Media relations and PR, just get in touch…