Public Affairs

We enhance reputation and develop co-operative links between Central, Devolved and Local Government in Northern Ireland, elected representatives, officials, stakeholders and organisations across a broad range of sectors.

Open’s unrivalled experience and strong working relationships span the political spectrum in Northern Ireland, Ireland and the rest of the UK. From local councils to the corridors of Westminster and the NI Assembly at Stormont, we have spearheaded campaigns that resulted in informing policy decisions, new funding channels and fresh opportunities for our clients. Our history of delivery is unrivalled in our market.

How have we achieved these results?

  • Our fully integrated Public Affairs and Communications agency incorporates media relations activity from the planning stage where relevant. Often a key strand of a balanced campaign, this is a foundational strategic consideration.
  • We provide engagement opportunities to be heard by Government, elected representatives, policy officers and key influencers. In short, we put you directly in touch with the people you need to talk to in order to achieve your objectives.
  • Our strategic approach influences government decision-making by presenting the right information at the right time. We devise compelling cases to maximise benefit and visibility amongst the right people. 
  • Our political engagement doesn’t stop. Regardless of campaigns, we work to maintain meaningful relationships that last.
  • Stakeholder engagement is fundamental to our work. Ensuring that we keep stakeholders informed and maximise buy-in is second nature to us.
  • Community engagement on a wide range of projects to ensure inclusive consultations and that communities remain engaged in the process.
  • We draft policy and commission research, using the latest statistical insights to support and inform our position. This also strengthens any case presented to decision-makers.
  • Political monitoring and analysis is a daily process in which we ensure key and ancillary developments are tracked and communicated effectively to clients and other relevant parties for context. This also encompasses commercial analysis of impacts and identification of potential client risks.
  • Committee Training is another specialty we provide. With our staff experience having included politics and broadcast, we can ensure you put your best foot forward and communicate your message confidently to the media, committees and politicians.

We have an unrivalled reputation in Public Affairs because, and to put it simply, we deliver.

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