Open delivers support to a range of clients in their communications and engagement requirements throughout the stages of a planning application process.

We provide strategic advice and guidance aimed at meeting all requirements, countering objections and, ultimately, delivering full planning permission. 

With an in-depth knowledge of the planning process in Northern Ireland; Ireland and the rest of the UK, particularly regarding statutory consultation obligations, Open provides key support to clients to ensure they comply with all planning requirements. 

In order to secure delivery, we develop an integrated, targeted communications campaigns focused on three key phases: 

  • Pre-application submission
  • Consultation period
  • Application Determination

With a clear understanding of the political context (locally/nationally), we support clients through securing  support from key decision makers on their application by developing a Communications Strategy aimed at delivering planning approval via:

  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Community Consultation and engagement
  • Open Days and Community events
  • Political liaison
  • Media Relations & PR
  • Website content management
  • Social Media
  • Press Office Support
  • Committee presentation support

If you would like us to support you through a planning application or discuss your requirements simply contact us and we can advise on how to ensure your application is successful.