Crisis Management

We have one of the most experienced crisis support teams on the island of Ireland supporting companies, organisations and individuals from Wall Street to the High Street.

We’ve supported clients through a range of diverse and critical issues such as:

  • Corporate reputation risk
  • Business closure 
  • Redundancy 
  • Threat to life and property 
  • Serious workplace incidents and accidents
  • Investigations 
  • Human error
  • Data loss
  • Civil unrest and protest
  • Misinformation campaigns 
  • Deliberate sabotage

We know that the best way to deal with potential concerns is to ensure an issue doesn’t grow into a crisis through good communications planning, thorough preparation and swift action.

Open has dealt with situations that can pose a threat to life as well as livelihoods and reputations so we are adept at determining the significance of situations and responding accordingly. 

We can’t always know when an issue or crisis will emerge but we can take proactive steps to mitigate this when something does happen. This is possible through efficient risk analysis, planning and preparation. 

Open provides confidential crisis management and training services for a range of leading public, private and third sector organisations throughout the island of Ireland and the UK and would be recognised by the media, Government officials and elected representatives as effective and respected professionals who can be trusted. 

We will ensure that you are well prepared and have a clear plan of what needs to be done and the steps to take should an issue emerge.

Services we provide include:

  • Dedicated rapid-response press office function
  • Review of current procedures
  • Risk assessment and analysis 
  • Development of a tailored crisis response manual
  • Ensure workflows are tailored for all relevant parts of the business
  • Crisis management work-shop and training session with key staff
  • Crisis simulation and walk-through
  • On-site crisis response team to assist staff 
  • Online updates – it is essential to keep the website/social properties up-to-date during a crisis situation
  • Path to recovery: stakeholder engagement – should a crisis arise it is important that key clients/ customers/ suppliers/ families/ communities/ media etc. are communicated with efficiently and effectively 

In the unlikely event of a major incident, Open also has a highly experienced on-call crisis response team that can provide support if required.

For a consultation in confidence, please contact us.